Audax wants to live and grow hand in hand with illustrators, investors and collectors.

With that in mind, the main condition we established while giving life to this project was the definition of a purpose.

Our start-up project should be meaningful and in the sense that it leaves no doubt about the pertinent and intervening position we want to perform in the contemporary world of digital art.

Our first collection should be a delicious mix of super-quality classical portrait illustration with an alternative theme and an outstanding storytelling.

Trying to build complicity between Art and the virtual world is a risky task. Nowadays it is something fashionable. It’s also a process often associated with the idea of quick profit and the loss of some traditional values that have always sustained the artistic environment. But we didn’t want to work on the top of short-sightedness, shallow goals or personal ambitions.

The first step was to gather a team whose strengths and skills would meet the project major standards. Once this was accomplished, the adventure began.


Shortly after we already had in our hands a delicious trident of mandatory goals:


Never give up on ensuring the quality of the artistic object, whatever it may be.


Keep the focus on setting up a network of digital artists and develop structures that promote their sustainability.


Push for gathering a community of people encouraging the spirit of collecting and trading art assets, keeping focus on the social, artistic, and cultural features.