Being aware of the importance of knowledge about our collective past and History, we decided to look at this heritage in an alternative way.

The strategy was to create a collection of digital illustrations that would paint an uncommon portrait of the 20th century.

In this alternative 20th century, a different set of personalities rose to prominence, shaping the course of history in unexpected ways. This collection of 100 influential and controversial personalities would have to include individuals who defied conventional wisdom and pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible.

Some of these personalities were underdogs who overcame discrimination and adversity to achieve greatness. Others were rebels who challenged the status quo and sparked fierce debate and division with their ideas and actions.

Regardless of their background and ideology, they all had a fierce determination to make a difference in the world.

This collection of 100 personalities represents a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, showcasing the courage, creativity, and resilience that drive individuals to change the world. From scientists and artists to political leaders and activists, this collection of 100 influential and controversial personalities offers a glimpse into a different world, where the unexpected was possible and the impossible became reality.

We let down the History books and began to search for some landmark characters that in some way have been left out of it: the less known, the underdogs, the almost famous, the understated influencers.

We wanted to set a stage to the important people of the 20th century that was kept in the shadow and never reached the '1st page'.